Our Priests and Parishes

Christ the Redeemer

At Christ the Redeemer, we seek to provide an environment where the preaching and teaching of God's word, goes hand in hand with the vibrant worship that has been released to all God’s people. In addition, we strive to recognize the ancient beauty of the Church that has existed for some two thousand years and the joy of entering in with the family of God in celebrating a Spirit-filled Eucharist, called Holy Communion. This blending of the ancient and new allows Christ the Redeemer to be grounded in the ancient faith while also being relevant to the present time. I invite you to visit us, celebrate with us, or contact us for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Father Stephen Hunter

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St. Michael's and All Angels

Welcome to St. Michael and All Angels Charismatic Episcopal Church, bringing the Gospel of the Kingdom to the people of Thomaston and Upson County since 1993. At St. Michael's we are fully liturgical, evangelical, and sacramental in our worship, and we invite you to come share in our experience.

Father Mike Birdsong

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St. Luke Church

St. Luke Charismatic Episcopal Church is a Convergence Worship Church. We are fully Evangelical, fully Charismatic, and fully Sacramental/Liturgical. We believe in the Trinity, in salvation through Jesus Christ, in the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. We confess the Nicene and Apostle's Creeds of the Early Church. We celebrate Holy Communion (the Eucharist) as the focus of our worship. The Body and Blood of Christ is open to all baptized believers, and we welcome people of all races and ethnic groups to worship with us.

Father Bob Wills

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Church of the Holy Cross

Thank you for your interest in Church of the Holy Cross.
Church of The Holy Cross is a community of believers who are seeking opportunities for growth and service. We gather every to worship God, hear God’s Word and receive Holy Communion from His Table.
Although there are many, many kinds of Christian churches, they usually fall into one of three major categories…or streams of worship, Liturgical (Emphasis on the Sacraments), Evangelical (Emphasis on the Bible and Salvation) and Charismatic (Emphasis on the Holy Spirit). At the Church Of The Holy Cross we emphasize and blend all three of these streams into ONE united river of worship. Our worship is Biblical, Liturgical and Spirit filled…ancient yet modern…holy and joyful.

Father Bob Roethel

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The Cathedral of Christ the King

Christ the King is the cathedral church for the diocese. Established in 1996, the church began in a living room with 19 people. The congregation then moved into a funeral home chapel and, later, acquired a beautiful 11.5 acre campus. A sanctuary was constructed and a Parish Life Center, housing classrooms, a fellowship hall, an industrial kitchen, and rest rooms was built. A third building hosts the offices of the church and diocese and the church's youth ministry.

The church is located in Georgia about 35 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta, a few miles east of I-85 on Highway 34 between Newnan and Peachtree City.

For additional information, log on to the church's webpage at www.ctk.life or call 770-252-2428.

Bishop David Epps

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In His Presence Chapel

We are currently operating in a building built in the 1870s which was opened up as Rader Chapel. Since then it has had several additions. The first was to add on class rooms and an office space. The second addition was to add bathrooms and a kitchen. It is a lovely church that sits high on a hill. We call our church ”In His Presence Chapel.” We picked the name to signify the importance of not only the spiritual presence of Christ but that we at all times have the physical presence of the body of Christ as well in the tabernacle. We use the word “His” to remember that God called himself Father and the Bridegroom to the church past and presence.

We are a very conservative Eucharistic Church. We believe, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God[a] may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” We are striving to bring together both the old and new through continuing to emerge ourself in the preaching, Eucharistic Celebration and the singing of praise and worship that brings us to the throne of God each and every Sunday.

We are in the process of integrating a Christ centered counseling center. We want to be a positive influence in our community. We want to help families in all avenues of life from marriage, through parenting and grandparenting. Life can be chaotic at times and it is then we need someone to walk with us and guide us through the Chaos.

Emmaus Abbey Church

Welcome to Emmaus Abbey!

Emmaus Abbey is a vibrant and engaged community of believers. We believe in teaching, preaching, and discipleship in God’s holy Word. We are committed to the Great Commission of witnessing, evangelism, and sharing the message of redemption to all who will receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Our identity: We are a three streams Christian church: sacramental, evangelical, and charismatic who believes that the road to the future runs through the past. Our worship and spirituality are deeply rooted in classic Christianity-- and we’re convinced that the faith and practice of the ancient Church will engage our culture more effectively and provide a way forward in a time of almost unbelievable transition, pandemic and change. In fact, God shows up every day we reach out to Him and those He sends our way. God’s mission cannot be stopped!

Our Outreach: As many churches have shut down, Emmaus Abbey continues to fight through this pandemic. We choose to engage more so through this pandemic because that is the mission of the church. We have not been deterred from God’s plan to reach the sick, the least, the lost and the poor. We continue to provide Online worship services, On-Line counseling through zoom, On-Line podcasting, and Confession through zoom or telephone. We remain available and await to help all who call upon us.

If you want the message of Hope join us every Sunday at 1030am on Facebook Live @ http://www.emmausabbeychurch.org
Live Stream Sunday Worship at 10 am

*So, if you are wanting to visit with us you are welcome. If you are wondering if we practice wearing masks and social distancing, YES. But not spiritual distancing. The sanctuary is fully sanitized after each service.

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St. Andrew's Church

Hello, I'm Father Kerry Wells and I'd like to tell you about St. Andrew's church. We are a community of believers and followers of Jesus Christ. We come from various backgrounds and walks of life but are united in our common need of salvation and transformation through God's grace. At St. Andrew's we experience God's grace through the sacraments and strive to grow through the study and application of the Holy Scripture and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. When you come to worship with us you can expect to be welcomed as family.

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